Barmouth Harbour

Barmouth Harbour is just a pleasant walk from our Barmouth holiday cottage, indeed the cottage was originally two cottages,  home to two fishermen’s families.

Barmouth Harbour lies on the estuary of the Afon Mawddach, on Cardigan Bay, West Wales.

Whether you prefer a  ‘life on the ocean waves’, or you have no ‘sea legs’ whatsoever, you will enjoy Barmouth Harbour. Anglers set out from the harbour on regular sea fishing trips into Cardigan Bay while children sit on the harbour wall and dangle some bait into Davey Jones’s Locker to catch a jam jar full of crabs.

Pleasure boat trips explore the waters of the Mawddach and the West Wales coastline, with hopes of spotting those elusive dolphins and porpoises, while weekend sailors set sail from the harbour to test their seafaring skills in the choppy waters of Cardigan Bay.

Many simply enjoy a stroll along the harbour, checking the menus on the sea food restaurants (mmmm fresh lobster),  and enjoying the fabulous views of the Mawddach estuary and the hills of Snowdonia.

Our picture shows boats at anchor in the safe haven of Barmouth Harbour. The Mawddach is one of Wales’ most picturesque estuaries and the harbour offers protection from the stormy seas of Cardigan Bay, West Wales.

Barmouth Yacht Club, or to give it its correct name the Merioneth Yacht Club (named after the old Welsh county of Merionethshire), is located on the harbour side in Barmouth.